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Poviglio (RE):8th December 2016 - ZAPI Group continues its international expansion through the acquisition of all outstanding shares of the Canadian company “Delta-Q Technologies”, which is a point of reference in manufacturing high frequency industrial battery chargers for electric, recreational and utility vehicles.
Particularly, the Vancouver-based company gained a strong reputation as a producer of solutions improving the performance and reliability of electric drive vehicles and industrial equipment. The company has become the supplier of choice to many of the world’s major manufacturers of electric golf cars, lift trucks, aerial work platforms, motorcycles and scooters, floor care machines, utility and recreational vehicles.
Delta-Q has an established commercial presence locally in the U.S., Europe and Asia too. The market of its products is constantly expanding, driven by the global demand for electric vehicles as well as zero emission - low maintenance - high performance - equipment.
“As a part of the ZAPI Group, we will be able to accelerate our market and geographic expansion thanks to our technologies and to the Group’s capabilities and global footprint” said Ken Fielding, Delta-Q co-founder and CEO.
Delta-Q, joining ZAPI Group, is focusing on a path of further development and gaining of new market shares, committing itself in challenging research projects. The Canadian company was singled out by ZAPI as a valuable opportunity to increase its degree of integration and to enrich its offer in qualitative and quantitative terms, in order to become even more attractive and competitive in the global scenario and to enhance its prestigious role of leader.
We are proud to be able to integrate our portfolio of assets with Delta-Q. For us this acquisition is of strategic importance to reinforce our competitive advantages and favour the further growth of the Group. Delta-Q has an annual revenue of 50 million US dollars.
After the acquisition, ZAPI Group will employ over 1200 people, with a total revenue of more than 400 million US dollars.

Ing. Zanichelli Giannino
ZAPI Group

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